Frankincense Oil for Skin Care, Natural Remedies for Women

Many women once enter their mid 30s, begin battling combination skin, which left their faces looking uneven or ruddy. Frankincense is wonderful for mature skin. It is used to make many anti-wrinkle lotions and creams. Many women use Frankincense Essential Oil as a toner to refine skin texture, or use it in face masks for an instant “face lift”. Combined with cistus, lavender and other anti-aging hydrosols, it should help reduce wrinkles. Some women use frankincense oil to combat oily skin by using it in areas of high heat and humidity.

Can I use frankincense oil for my skin care? Well, try it for one or two weeks, you may see the changes and improvement. Scientists suggest that frankincense boosts skin vitality. It is a natural skin clearer and lighter. Many women feel younger after using it.

Frankincense is also used for healing scars. It has properties that diminish spots and scars on the skin. Using frankincense oil on the skin, it will not only clear up eruptions and blemishes but also old pox marks, stretch marks and scars.

Please note: read the bottle and seek medical advice before trying Frankincense Oil for your skin.

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