Six Home Remedies for Prostate Gland Problems – Corn & Watermelon …

People who suffer from prostate gland problems may have different symptoms. When using natural and herbal remedies to treat the problems, you should know the difference between the symptoms, otherwise it could make the condition worse.

If you have prostate gland problem with the symptoms, such as pain and blood in urine, dark yellow urine, red urine, cloudy urine or milky urine, it indicates that there is inner “heat” caused by inflammation. There are many home and kitchen remedies that have “cooling properties” can be used to improve the symptoms:

1. Fresh Corn Soup. You can buy fresh corn in a local food market. Use 3-4 corns, cut each corn into 1-inch pieces, and boil them in water for 30-40 minutes. You can boil the corn silk with the corn together, because corn silk is more effective. Then you can eat the corn and drink the soup. It can relieve the symptoms.

2. Water Chestnuts. You can easily find canned water chestnuts in a 99 cents store or a food market. Water chestnut, or Eleocharis dulcis, is effective to treat the symptoms as well. You can eat water chestnuts directly from the can or cook it with food.

3. Mushrooms. Studies have shown that the extract from the mushrooms can slow the progression of prostate cancer. Use mushrooms with tomatoes to make a soup, and eat it 3 times a week.

4. Oyster. Oyster contains zinc, and other dozens of trace elements the body needs. According to the traditional medicine and food guidelines, oyster has cooling properties that can be helpful in the treatment of urination problems with “heat” symptoms.

5. Watermelon. Eat watermelon can help with bladder problems and prostate problems.

6. Tomatoes. Scientific studies have shown that eating tomatoes can help men reduce their risk of prostate cancer by half. Tomatoes contains lycopene, an antioxidant compound that helps fight cancer.

But, if you have prostate gland problem with the reverse symptoms, such as clear urine, cold body and limbs, weakness, lack of strength, it indicates that there is inner “cold” in your body. Another group of remedies that have “warming properties” can be used to improve the symptoms:

* Cinnamon;
* Curcumin;
* Garlic;
* Ginger;
* Ginseng.

Be cautious. Don’t take the wrong treatment. The basic guideline is that, if there are “inner cold” symptoms, then warm it up; if there are “inner heat” symptoms, then cool it down.

By Johns in Men Remedies
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