Skin Care – Winter Remedies for Dry Skin

In winter, your skin becomes to dry and you feel uncomfortably and itchy. How to do skin care in winter? The following are something you can do:

1. Keep warm. Why in summer, your skin feels young and alive? The reason is that it is warm. When the weather is warm, your blood flow to the skin increases. In winter, the weather is cold, but you can keep yourself warm by wearing warm clothes. This will have the same effect: increasing the blood flow to the skin. Many women wear less clothes than others in winter just for the reason – they don’t want to hide their good looking shapes under bulky jackets. Well, this is a double-edge issue: what do you want: good looking shape, or good looking skin?

2. Avoid exposure to cold and wind. Normal skin has sufficient water content to maintain its soft texture. But chilly wind blows away the water, reduces your skin of moisture and makes it too dry. So in winter, you should try to avoid outdoor activity in a windy day, wear gloves and hats when going outside.

3. Use Humidifier. In winter, your heating system warms your home recycling air throughout your house. The air comes from the heating system is dry. One good option for you is to put moisture back into the air. A humidifier can help increase the environmental humidity in your home, and help maintain your skin moisture instead of cracked and dry.

4. Use moisturizers. You should choose oil based moisturizers that are rich in oil. These help retain the moisture in the skin much longer than water based ones. Vaseline is a good moisturizer for dry skin. You can use olive oil as a moisturizer. Olive oil contains essential fatty acids that can help restore the natural moisture balance in the skin. You may also find many moisturizers in the market, like Organic Moisturizing Lotion, Pacifica Body Butter, Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk, Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer, etc.

5. Eat helpful diet. You can take vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins can do wonders for your skin. Consume them in the form of capsules or through your diet. Eat honey, pears, dates, seaweed, carrots, banana, egg and milk. Eat pork instead of lamb and beef in dry season if you have dry skin problem. According to the traditional food guidelines, beef and lamb have stronger warming and drying properties than pork. Consuming a lot of beef, especially lamb, could make your skin even drier.

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