How to Use Fresh Aloe Vera for Hair Growth – Hair Loss Remedies

Aloe vera can be used for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. As a miraculous herbal remedy, aloe vera can promote hair re-growth or prevent hair from falling out.

Aloe vera is a decorating plant commonly used in homes and offices. The leaves are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green. If you have this plant in your home, you can use it for your hair care.

How to use fresh aloe vera for hair loss and hair growth

Method 1:

Cut off a piece of leaf and squeezing the liquid onto your scalp, rub it into your hair. Do it once or twice a week. This method is simple and works, but it wastes the inner gel.

Method 2:

1) Cut off a few leaves from the plant.

2) Stand the leaves upright in a container for 10 minutes to allow the sap to drain out.

3) Lay each leaf down flat on a flat surface. Cut off the leaf’s tip and its serrated edges on both sides of the leaf.

4) Slice the inside of the leaf lengthwise to separate the front and back of the leaf.

5) Use a spoon or a butter knife to scoop out both the slimy mucilage gel and the clear inner gel which appears more as a solid gel. When removing the gel, press down firmly, but lightly, because too much force may scrape out sap.

6) Store the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator in a dark plastic (or glass) container. Dark container helps to keep out light.

7) Take some gel and rub it into your hair. Do it once or twice a week.

If you don’t have an aloe vera plant, you can find aloe vera gel at local grocery and health food stores.

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