Cinnamon, Fenugreek and Cumin for Low Sex Drive & Impotence

Cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin can be used for treating low sex drive, impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, menstrual pain, hernia, prostatitis and infertility. These herbs are often used in Chinese remedies for treating sexual malfunction of men and women.

Cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin, in traditional Chinese medicine, are categorized into the medicine group of warming Xia Jiao (lower abdomen). According to traditional Chinese medical theory, all disorders of low sex drive, impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, menstrual pain, hernia, prostatitis and infertility are caused by the weakness and coldness in Xia Jiao (下焦虚寒, weakness and coldness in lower abdomen), therefore the treatment for these problems is to use warming medicine to dispel the coldness, and use the medicine that affects lower abdomen to target the problems in lower abdomen. Cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin have the properties of warming Xia Jiao (lower abdomen), thus they are used to treat these disorders.

How to Use Cinnamon, Fenugreek and Cumin?

1. You may find cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin available in capsule or tea form in a local health food store.

2. You can also consume cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin directly. For example, you can take raw powder of cinnamon 1 gram, or fenugreek seeds or cumin seeds 2-3 grams in early morning with warm water.

3. Use them as spices adding to your daily diet.

4. Use them to make teas: for example, fenugreek tea, cinnamon tea.

5. Combine them into a medical formula to treat a specific disease. For example, the following are two Chinese medical formulas.

Two Chinese Herbal Formulas

Hu Lu Ba Wan (胡芦巴丸) is a Chinese herbal medicine for treating hernia pain:

– Fenugreek 8g;
– Cumin 6g;
– Morinda 3g;
– Evodia 5g;
– Toosendan 9g.

You Gui Wan (右归丸) is a Chinese herbal medicine for treating coldness and weakness in lower body (lower abdomen, lower back, legs, feet), aging, low sex drive, impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and infertility:

– Rehmannia 24g;
– Chinese yam 12g;
– Dogwood 9g;
– Wolfberry 9g;
– Dodder 12g;
– Antler 12g;
– Eucommia 12g;
– Cinnamon 6g;
– Angelica 9g;
– Monkshood 6g.

Warnings and Precautions

Please be cautious when using cinnamon, fenugreek and cumin for the treatment of low sex drive and other disorders.

1. These three warming herbs should not be used for the patients who have “hot disease” (inflammation, excessive internal heat) in lower body.

2. It takes time to treat a chronic problem such as low sex drive, impotence and infertility. It may take several months to see the improvement.

3. To avoid warming herbs causing internal dryness and hotness, such as itchy skin, thirst, constipation, the best way of using these herbs is to combine them (with other balancing herbs) into a formula for a specific disease.

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