Herbal Remedies: Yarrow for Fever, Cold, Flu & Wet Cough

Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) can be used to treat fever, common cold, flu, wet cough, headache, sinus, bronchitis and edema.

Yarrow is a cooling herb. It has effects to cool down the body (brings temperature down through sweating). Therefore it is used to treat common cold, flu and headache with fevers.

Yarrow has drying effect. It is used to treat wet cough, bronchitis with sputum production, edema, sinus and headache due to phlegm-dampness.

In upper body (chest, head), yarrow cools down the temperature and dries up the fluids mainly through sweating. Yarrow opens the pores and encourages the body to sweat the fever out. This is why this is one of the best herbs for fever. When your body is trying to mount a fever, taking a cup of yarrow tea at this time should produce profuse sweating. Why yarrow can be used for fever? Because yarrow contains salicylic acid, a component of aspirin. Yarrow induces sweating by opening the pores, which can help bring down fever.

In lower body, yarrow cools down the temperature and dries up the fluids mainly by increasing urine flow.

Yarrow prevents and treats cough, runny nose, fever and other upper respiratory disorders. Herbalists use this herb to treat coughs and colds. Traditionally, leaves and flowers of yarrow are used in decoction for fevers, colds, headaches and chest pains.

People also use poultice of flowers (masticated) to reduce edema, or mix animal grease and leaves as a poultice applied on chest and back to treat bronchitis.

How to use yarrow for fever, cold, influenza and cough? Here are two formulas of yarrow teas:

1. Yarrow tea:

– Dried yarrow 1-2 teaspoons
– Boiling water 1 cup
– Cover the herb with boiling water
– Steep for 15 minutes
– Strain
– Drink it warm, three times daily

2. Boneset Yarrow Tea:

– Dried boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) 1/2 teaspoon
– Dried yarrow 1/2 teaspoon
– Boiling water 8 oz
– Steep and covered for 30 minutes
– Then drink it as hot as you can tolerate it

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