African Potato (Hypoxis rooperi) for Arthritis, Tumors, Coronary Disease, TB, Lupus, Psoriasis, Cold, Flu and Stress

African Potato (Hypoxis rooperi) has been used in Africa for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including arthritis, cancer and tumors, coronary diseases, HIV-AIDS, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, TB, viral infections (including colds and flu), vomiting, abdominal pains, fevers, diabetes, endometriosis, PMS, mental and physical stress.

Professor Bouic, of the University of Stellenbosch medical school, has been used hypoxis rooperi in the fight against arthritis. Arthritis sufferers have experienced increased mobility, a marked reduction of inflammation and pain with encouraging overall improvement in their well being after applying hypoxis rooperi. Hypoxis rooperi increases the body’s natural resistance to disease, and it gives fresh hope to treatment of other illnesses.

Scientists believe that hypoxis rooperi enhances the human immune system at all levels regardless of the type of disease. So it can be considered as a general tonic. That is why hypoxis rooperi can treat loss of appetite, improve conditions of chronic fatigue syndrome, and slow the aging process. In southern Mozambique, the Hypoxis rooperi was widely used during the civil war by both soldiers and civilians who lost a lot blood through injuries. The tea from this plant is said to quickly replace lost blood. Hypoxis rooperi may not directly generate new blood, but it rejuvenates the immune system and stimulates new cellular growth, thus helps improve the conditions and patients can get recovered quickly. That may explain why hypoxis rooperi is used to treat so many diseases. It may have no direct effects to treat a certain disease, but it enhances the immune system, thus may help (indirectly) treat the disease.

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