Frostbite Remedies: Pine Nut, Cactus, Eggplant, Orange Peel, Honey and Lard – Homemade Winter Remedies

How to treat frostbite with home remedies? You can try the following homemade remedies.

1. Pine Nut

– Shelled Pine nuts 30g
– Olive oil (or other vegetable oil) 1 teaspoon
– Smash pine nuts and mix them with the oil to make a paste
– Apply the paste to the affected area
– Change the paste dailyfrostbite-remedies

2. Cactus

– Cactus (spines removed) 1 piece
– Smash cactus into a paste
– Apply it to the affected area
– Change the paste every 3 days

3. Eggplant

– Eggplant root (or eggplant peel if not root) 300g
– Hot chili pepper 1 teaspoon
– Boil and simmer them in water for 10-15 minutes
– Use the decoction to wash the affected area
– Twice a day

4. Orange Peel

– Orange Peel from 4-5 oranges
– Dry the orange Peels by oven-baking, then make it into a fine powder
– Mix the powder with some cooking oil
– Apply it to the affected area
– 1-2 times a day

5. Honey and Pork Fat (Lard)

– Honey 4 tablespoons
– Pork fat (Lard) 1 tablespoon
– Mix them well into a paste
– Apply some mixture to the affected area
– 1-2 times a day

For more information about frostbite, go to Natural Remedies Center:

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