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Ten Summer Remedies - Watermelon, Strawberry, Kiwifruit, Mung Bean, Cooling Tea, Winter Melon, Bitter Melon, Seaweed, Tofu and Mushroom

How to beat the summer heat? Stay cool with air conditioner, and drink a lot of water. These may help you prevent heat stroke, but might not be enough. What you eat and what you drink also affect your body's temperature. In summer season, you should avoid or reduce eating hot spicy foods, and add or eat more cooling foods. Foods that have cooling properties include watermelon, strawberry, kiwifruit, mung bean, green tea, winter melon, bitter melon, seaweed, tofu and mushroom. All these foods ...

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Cancer Remedies: Strawberry for Nasopharyngeal, Lung, Colon & Prostate Cancers

Looking for cancer remedies? Scientific studies suggest that strawberry has anti-cancer effects that can help fight cancer, such as nasopharyngeal, lung, oral, esophageal, tonsil, larynx, colon and prostate cancers. There are some studies that support the benefits of strawberries as cancer remedies. According to a report of The Wall Street Journal in 2011, researchers in Ohio State University found that freeze-dried strawberries slowed the growth of dysplastic, or precancerous. The study was ...

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Strawberries for Dyspepsia, Constipation & Diarrhea: Home Remedies

Strawberries can help relieve dyspepsia (indigestion), constipation, diarrhea, dysuria (difficult urination) and diabetes. Strawberry is a popular fruit, which contains a lot of benefits ranging from their high vitamin C content to their ability to lower blood pressure and high cholesterol. Strawberries for Constipation and Diabetes Strawberry is particularly beneficial to your bowels and digestive system due to its anti-inflammatory properties and high fiber content. Accordin

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Strawberry for Dry Cough, Sore Throat and Heat Stroke

Strawberry can be used to relieve the symptoms of dry cough, sore throat, heat stroke, hoarseness, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and lung fever. Strawberry is a sour and sweet fruit. One cup (236 g) of strawberries contains approximately 45 kilo-calories (188 kJ). It is an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids. Strawberry is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of folate and potassium, and a very good source of dietary fiber, and manganese. Eight ...

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