Bloodroot for Ringworm & Skin – Native American Remedies

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is a plant native to eastern North America. It has been used by native Americans to treat many diseases.

Bloodroot can be used to treat skin problems, such as ringworm, warts, polyps, skin tags and skin cancer.

How to use bloodroot for skin treatment

1. You can extract the juice from the root of the plant. Apply the juice to the affected area, it destroys the tissue of the diseased flesh. Just use as a salve for skin fungus and skin cancers. It can treat ringworm, warts and other skin disorders, including cancerous tumors.bloodroot

2. You can use fresh leaves to make a poultice. Apply the poultice to the affected area. This will destroy the tissue of the targeted area.

Please note, when using bloodroot on the skin, it may harm the surrounding healthy flesh. You should handle it in cautions. The juice or poultice should be only used on the diseased flesh.

To avoid this, you can use this method: cut a hole in a band aid, place the band aid on the affected area, so you only see the diseased flesh in the hole, then press the band aid firmly on to the skin. Apply bloodroot juice or poultice to it.

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