Damiana – Native American Aphrodisiac for Men & Women

Damiana is used as an aphrodisiac to boost sexual potency by the native American people. It is a well known sex drive remedy for impotence and sexual stimulation.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) is a small shrub with aromatic leaves found in Mexico, Southern California, and Central America.

Traditional use and scientific studies of Damianadamiana

Damiana has been used traditionally as a sexuality tonic to improve both male and female sex drive. Damiana has libido-boosting power. It stimulates the sex organs, treats impotence, and restores libido, desire and the ability to achieve orgasm by bringing oxygen to the genital area and increasing energy levels.

As a general tonic, damiana also has effects to improve wellness, and relieve anxiety, nervousness, and depression where there is a sexual factor. Damiana is a nerve tonic with anti-depressant properties. It is an excellent strengthening remedy for the nervous system. It tonifies the central nervous and the hormonal system. As an effective anti-depressant, damiana relieves anxiety and depression caused by the sexual problems.

It is said that damiana has both short term and long term effects in improvement of sex drive: damiana can quickly stimulate the genital area by increasing the oxygen supply. Longer term using damiana can improve sexual ability and performance.

Scientists have found some chemical components in damiana: volatile oil, flavonoids, gonzalitosin, arbutin, tannin and damianin (a brown bitter substance). Damiana also contains essential oils (containing cineol, cymol, pinene), cyanogenic glycosides, thymol and trace amounts of phosphorus. Scientific evidence supports of its long history of use as an aphrodisiac. Animal testing studies have shown evidence of increased sexual activity in rats of both male and female. Damiana has been shown to be particularly stimulating for sexually exhausted or impotent male rats, and it generally increases sexual activity in rats of both sexes.

How to use damiana


– Dried damiana leaves 3 grams
– Water 1 cup
– Put the leaves in a cup
– Pour boiling water in
– Cover and steep for 10 minutes
– Strain
– Drink it, 2-3 times a day

Liquid extract:

– Take 3ml with water
– 2-3 times daily


– Take 3 grams of powder
– 2-3 times daily

Today, damiana is sold in forms of tablets, capsules, liquid extract and powder in the supplement market. You may find it in a health supplement store. Follow the instructions on the product label when using it.

Please note, damiana appears to be safe when taken occasionally as a sex booster in normal dose. But you should consult your doctor before using it for long term treatment. Even just for short term use, you should also talk to your doctor.

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