Home Remedies – Pears for Dry Cough and Lung Flam

Pear is a “cool” fruit with cooling and moistening effects. It is good to help ease dry cough and fever. In many Asian countries, people eat pears with sugar or honey to cure a dry cough, lung flam and dry skin.

In cold and dry season, many people will have the following symptoms: dry skin, dry cough, sore throat, etc. According to Asian traditional medicine treatment, pears can promote production of bodily fluid, moisten dryness and clear away pathogenic heat through the lungs.

If you have these symptoms, you can eat pears.

How to eat a pear for a dry cough, lung flam or dry skin? Well, you can eat it just like an apple. But for more effective results, you should prepare pears as the following:

1. Prepare 2 pears, 4 cups of water (250ml), 4 table spoons of honey.

2. Cut the pears in half, dig out the core using a spoon.

3. Boil the pears in the water and honey until it becomes soft. You can also steam it.

Please note: If you have a watery nose, or a cough with phlegm, you should not eat pears.

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