Food Remedies: Bitter Melon for Weight Loss

Bitter melon can be used for weight loss. Losing weight could be hard. Bitter melon can make losing weight a little bit easier.

Why bitter melon can be used for weight loss?

Scientists believe that insulin resistance is related to overweight. Insulin resistance (IR) is a physiological condition where the natural hormone, insulin, becomes less effective at lowering blood sugars. Various questions have troubled the medical community for sometime. Does insulin resistance cause obesity? Or does insulin resistance lead to obesity? Though scientists have different answers to the questions, they all agree that the most common type of insulin resistance is associated with overweight and obesity; and body weight is the commonest and easily measurable indicator of insulin resistance. Scientists have found that bitter melon has effects to combat insulin resistance and can be beneficial for weight loss.

An explanation from the traditional medical science

While modern medical science still cannot clearly explain why bitter melon has the effects for weight loss, let’s explain it using the traditional medical science. According to the traditional food and medicine guidelines, bitter melon is a cooling food. It cools down the organs in the upper and middle body, including liver, stomach and intestine. When the digestive system is cooled down, the functions of the organs are decreased, therefore the food consumption is naturally reduced. The process of converting food into a source of body fat is slowed down. The body will feel less hungry, and no need to eat a lot of food. In the eyes of the traditional medical science, all warming foods have effects to increase the functions of organs, and all cooling foods have effects to decrease the functions of organs. Bitter melon is just one of cooling foods. It has the effects, in a long run, to decrease the functions of digestive system, thus reduce food consumption, decrease food conversion efficiencies and thus indirectly lead to weight loss. That’s it! No other secrets.

Taking precautions when taking bitter melon for weight loss

So you should take precautions when using bitter melon for weight loss: If you are overweight and you are a big eater with a too good digestive system, you may use bitter melon to reduce your food intake. But if you are overweight and you actually have a poor digestive system, your overweight is likely not caused by too much eating, you should find another solution, instead of using bitter melon to make your digestive system even poorer.

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