High Sex Drive Treatment – 3 Remedies for Men and Women

There are some remedies that can be used to lower men and women’s high sex drive: Oyster, Turtle Shell & Rehmanniae (Di Huang).

While most people would love to have a higher sex drive, some people may find that their high sex drive causes a problem. “I am a female with a high sex drive. I could definitely say that I have been pushed away by my husband”. “If I keep pushing my husband away, he would go to other women for sex if I don’t satisfy him. What shall I do?”

When there is a problem like the above, you need to find out whether your spouse really has high sex drive, or just because you have really low sex drive. We often find that a wife who thinks her husband’s sex drive is abnormally high, is wrong in her assumption and actually has a normal sex drive after all, and it turns out that she has a low sex drive.

How high is too high in sex drive?

Well, it depends on the factors of age, health condition and how long without sex. For a middle age man or woman, having sex once a day or even twice a day in a short period (less than one month) is fine. But if a man or a woman who wants sex once a day or even more in a long period (several months or years) is definitely having too high sex drive.

What remedies can be used for lowering sex drive?

The following remedies can be used for treating high sex drive:

1. Oyster. Oyster is a cooling food. It cools lower body. Often eating oysters will decrease sex drive.

2. Turtle shell. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), turtle shell is a very effective medicine for lowering high sex drive. Actually, turtle meat has the same effects. Often eating turtle meat or taking turtle shell decoction will reduce “fire” in the sex organs and calm down sexual urges.

3. Rehmanniae (Di Huang). This is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Rehmanniae can be used for treating heart disease, women’s menstruation problems and high sex drive. Rehmanniae increases Yin (water, blood and fluid) flow to the lower body, cools down the lower body, reduces the “fire” in the sex organs in the lower body, therefore lowers high sex drive.

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