High Sex Drive Remedies for Men & Women: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Do you or does your spouse have too high sex drive? There is a traditional medicine Liu Wei Di Huang Wan that can be used for treating high sex drive. Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (六味地黄丸) is a prescription in traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy and has been used for almost one thousand years. It is one of the most important Chinese patent medicines, and is widely used in eastern Asia.

The formula contains six herbs:

Rehmanniae (shu di huang, 熟地黃)
Corni Fructus (shan zhu yu 山茱萸)
Dioscoreae (shan yao 山藥)
Alismatis (ze xie 澤瀉)
Tuckahoe Mushroom (fu ling 茯苓)
Tree Peony Bark (mu dan pi 牡丹皮)

This formula has strong effects to increase Yin (fluid flow) to the “kidney” network in the lower body. In traditional Chinese medicine, “kidney” is not just referring to the physical organs of the kidneys, the concept represents a network that is related to kidney’s functions, including genital organs, adrenal gland, kidney, prostate and bladder. According to the traditional medical theory, when there is “fire” (overheating, hyperfunction) in the “kidney” network, the person will have high sex drive. To control the “fire” (reduce overheating, or reduce hyperfunction), the body needs to increase Yin (water, blood, fluid) flow to the “kidney” network to cool it down. This is just like we use water to fight and control a fire, or use water to cool down an overheating machine. When the sex organ related network is cooled down, the sex drive is decreased.

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