Okra for Ulcer, Asthma, Lung Inflammation, Sore Throat & Cancer

Okra (Lady’s Finger) is said to help relieve ulcer, asthma, lung inflammation, sore throat and cancer.

Okra is very alkaline. It is proven that the alkaline ph of okra ensures protection in digestive tract. Okra helps to neutralize acids, and provides a temporary protective coating for the digestive tract, thus helps prevent and treat ulcer in digestive tract. Also, the fiber in okra is great for bowel regularity.

Lady’s Finger is said to restrain the development of asthma symptoms. A research shows that, young children suffering from asthma, have significant improvement by reducing the wheezing or panting as the cause of their asthma attack, after taking 1/2 cup of cooked okra with 13 mg of vitamin C.

Okra is a cooling food. It has effects to reduce heat, thus is good for summer heat treatment, reducing lung inflammation, and relieving sore throat.

Okra is said to protect some cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. Okra is a well known to produce glutathione, a protein molecule made up of three amino acids. Scientists in Emory University found that of the 1800 people in their study, those with the highest intake of glutathione were 50% less likely to develop oral and throat cancers than those with lower levels of the amino acid.

From the point of view of traditional medical science, it is understandable that, okra is a cooling and cleansing food, affecting gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. It reduces fire (fever, inflammation, ulcer and sore) in digestive tract, mouth, throat and lung, thus it helps to prevent and reduce the risk of cancers in these organs.

Okra is a vegetable. It offers many health benefits. You can add it to your diet.

Please note, okra is a food. It has moderate effects to HELP prevent and relieve some diseases, but you should not rely on it to cure your problem if you suffer from severe disease.

By Johns in Food Remedies
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