Can Chinese Medicine Cure Cancer?

Well, if you ask, can Chinese medicine cure cancer? the answer is “maybe”. But if you ask, can Chinese medicine HELP cancer treatment? the answer is “yes”.

Many studies have found that an integration of both modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is more beneficial than using any of them alone.

According to Dr Stephen M. Sagar and Dr Raymond Wong (both oncologists at the Departments of Oncology and Medicine at McMaster University, Canada), the benefits of combining traditional Chinese medical therapies with modern medicine are:

1. TCM is able to support patients being treated with conventional Western medicine. TCM can favorably modify the tumor response to conventional Western Cancer treatment.Chinese medicine help teat cancer

2. TCM uses in cancer therapy is to strengthen the whole body-mind system by enhancing and harmonizing the energy balance between all the organs. improvement of the immunological function of cancer patients is associated with an improvement in their survival.

Dr Russel Blaylock, MD, is a broad-certified neurosurgeon with more than 20 years experience. He is the Clinical Asst. Professor of Neurosurgery at the Medical University of Mississippi. In his book NATURAL STRATEGIES FOR CANCER PATIENTS, he cited studies:

1 Patients receiving Chinese herbs had a significant improvement in their immune function and better blood flow than the control patients. Also, the patients taking the herbs had fewer and milder side effects.

2 Some herbal combination was even shown to significantly increase the ability of the immune cells to kill cancer cells.

3 Some Chinese herbal extracts could significantly inhibit the growth of both drug-resistant and drug-sensitive small-cell lung cancers.

In China, where Western and traditional Chinese medical hospitals exist in separate worlds, cancer patients are often recommended to use Chinese herbal decoctions from the Western medical doctors when given Western therapies.

For more information about traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, go to Natural Remedies Center:

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