Ancient Remedies: Christmas Rose (Black Hellebore)

Christmas rose (Helleborus niger, Black hellebore) was used by ancient Egyptian and Greek doctors as an effective remedy for treating paralysis, insanity, mania, epilepsy, apoplexy, gout and dropsy.

Christmas Rose is purgative and Poisonous. It was used to treat nervous disorders. According to Pliny, Hellebore was used as a purgative in mania by Malampus (a soothsayer and physician) 1,400 years before Christ. The ancient doctors believe that excess black bile is the cause of insanity and other mental disorders. Christmas rose reduces black bile due to its purgative properties, therefore it can help treat the mental

But, black hellebore is also poisonous. It can cause tinnitus, vertigo, stupor, thirst, suffocation, swelling of the tongue and throat, emesis and catharsis, slow, irregular pulse, weakness, labored breathing, irregular heart beat, convulsions, respiratory failure or even death from cardiac arrest. With the poisonous properties, black hellebore was an effective cure to treat intestinal worms. But the risk is that it might kill the patient while killing the worms.

Please note, christmas rose should be used only under the supervision of, a physician or other qualified health professional.

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