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Skin Care    Skin Disorders    Skin Problems    Skin Whitening    Skincare    Acne    Facial    Dry Skin    Dermatitis    Scars    

Skin Care - Are you bothered by skin disorders? Are you looking for anti aging skin care remedies? How to cleanse rash, acne, or eczema? How to moisturize your dry skin? If you do not have skin disease, but just want younger looking skin, then what you need is regular skin care. For regular skin care, the most important thing is to know what skin type you have. The types of skin are: normal skin, Oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. Each skin type needs a specific skin care solution, including skincare diet, remedies and therapies. If you suffer from a skin disorder, such as acne, pimples, or eczema, you may need to find a treatment, and you can use natural remedies to help cure the skin problem.

Nettle for Arthritic Pain & Prostate Problem - DIY Recipes

Nettle has a long history of use as a home herbal remedy. Nettle is used to treat arthritic joint pain, hair loss, prostate enlargement, urinary tract infections, and other disorders. What is Nettle Nettle (Stinging nettle, Urtica dioica) is a perennial herb of the genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae. The plant is about 100-150 cm tall with stinging hairs. The stinging hairs are toxic and can cause skin rashes and burning sensations. Nettle is native to Europe and Asia. N

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Nutmeg for Digestive Disorders, Cough & Skin Care

Nutmeg is a fragrant spice that can be used as a home remedy for treating digestive disorders, coughs, and skin scars. Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is the seed of a tree in genus Myristica. Nutmeg tree is native to Indonesia. The fruit of nutmeg tree is used to produce two spices: nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg is the seed of the fruit, and mace is the rind or covering of the seed. Uses and benefits of nutmeg Nutmeg and mace are used as spices in cuisines of South-east Asia, Ind

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How to Eat Irish Moss for Skin Care & Weight Loss - Recipes

Irish Moss is a seaweed that is beneficial to skin care and weight loss. You may want to know how to eat it and find a recipe about how to cook Irish moss. Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) is a seaweed, a species of red algae which is commonly found around the shores of Ireland, Great Britain and Atlantic coast of Europe. Benefits of Irish moss Irish moss contains about 55% the polysaccharide carrageenan, 10% protein and 15% mineral matter. It is rich in iodine and sulfur.

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Gotu Kola for Infection & wounds – Herbal Formulas

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for urinary tract infection (UTI), jaundice, bleeding, wounds, bruises, skin boils and other diseases. Gotu Kola is a small annual herb in the family Mackinlayaceae. Gotu kola is about 2-4cm wide, and has kidney-shaped leaves. Gotu Kola is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antiulcerogenic, anxiolytic, nervine and vulnerary. It can be used to treat ...

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Evening Primrose Oil for Eczema, Dermatitis & Acne

Evening Primrose Oil can be used for treating eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis and breast pain. Evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) is a fragrant plant native to North America. Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose. The oil is usually taken orally for treating the ailments. Evening primrose oil has effects to treat eczema and other skin disorders, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, scleroderma, ...

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How to Use Elder Lotion for Skin Care - European Remedies

Elder (Elderberry) has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Elder flowers and leaves have been used in Europe for centuries for skin care and wound care, treating freckles, blemishes, wounds, sprains, bruises, scalds, burns and chilblains. How to Make Elder Lotion Elder flower water (Aqua Sambuci) is an old remedy in Europe used by women as a skin lotion. It has mild astringent and stimulative properties. Elder flower water is used to reduce freckles, blemishes, boils, skin ...

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Dittany of Crete: European Remedies

Dittany of Crete is an old European healing herb for digestive disorders, menstrual cramps, wounds and skin care. Dittany of Crete (Origanum dictamnus) has aromatic, healing and therapeutic properties. It is traditionally used for food flavouring and medicinal purposes. This tender perennial plant grows wild on the mountainsides and gorges of the Greek island of Crete, Greece. In Ancient Greece, dittany of crete was used to treat many ailments. People believed that it is useful for ...

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Herbal Remedies: Costmary for Indigestion & Skin Ulcers

Costmary is said to help treat indigestion, dysentery, skin ulcers, gout, sciatica and joint pain. Costmary (Tanacetum balsamita, Chrysanthemum balsamita, Bible leaf) is a hardy perennial herb. With the mint-like flavor, costmary is used in cooking. The fresh, young leaves can be added to tea, salads, soups, dishes and cream sauces. Costmary has been known for centuries and was widely used in medieval times. Costmary is bitter, aromatic, astringent, laxative, diaphoretic, and ...

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