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Seaweed Prevents Gastrointestinal Tract Inflammation and Constipation

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Food Remedies

Seaweed has cooling properties that can help relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal tract disorders.


Seaweed can prevent stomach and intestinal tract inflammation and ulcers, treat constipation. Seaweed contain alginic acid, which removes heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury, as well as other toxins and isotopes from the digestive tract. Scientists believe that seaweed is rich in fibers, it allows only the slow digestion of the food and good peristaltic movement, hence it can prevent and treat constipation.

Seaweed also helps osteoporosis and joint pain. It relieves the joint pains due to arthritis. It can help treat osteoporosis, lack of lubrication, and loss of calcium. The alginic acid in seaweed also removes strontium 90 from the bones.

If you are the first time considering using a seaweed supplement for your health problems, you should consult with your doctor first.

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