Home Remedies: Baking Soda for Kidney Stone, Renal Inflammation, Urinary Tract and Bladder Infection

Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) can be used as a home remedy for treating kidney stone, renal inflammation, urinary tract and bladder infection.

Why baking soda can treat kidney stone? Because uric acid stones are related to high level acid in the urine, and baking soda makes the urine less acidic, which makes uric acid kidney stone formation less likely. Also, baking soda can help dissolve existing uric acid stones.

Not only to treat stones, baking soda also can prevent inflammation in kidneys, urinary tract and bladder. Scientists found that low or acidic ph in the body can cause infections. Ideally, urine should be neutral to slightly acidic (pH 5.8–pH 7). If the urine is very acidic (below pH 5.5), then it encourages infections in kidneys, urinary tract and bladder.baking-soda-kidney

Baking soda can neutralize acids, therefore it can help treat stones and inflammation (infection), such as kidney infection (Pyelonephritis), urinary tract infection (UTI), or bladder infection.

How to use baking soda to treat stones and infection in kidneys, urinary tract and bladder

It is easy to use baking soda for the treatment. Here is how to do it:

– Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon
– Water 1 glass
– Drink it, twice a day

Please consult your doctor before taking this remedy.

For more information about natural remedies for kidney disease, go to Natural Remedies Center: http://www.naturalremediescenter.com/treat/kidney-disease/

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