How to Use Almond Oil for Skin, Facial & Hair Care

Almond oil is beneficial for treating various ailments of skin, face and hair, such as acne, eczema, dry skin, itchy scalp, and dry hair. Almond oil is a pale, clear and yellow colored liquid. Almond oil is excellent for moisturizing as it contains olein glyceride linoleic acid. It also contains vitamin E and vitamin D. It can be easily absorbed into the skin and hair.

Almond oil prevents and treats acne and blackheads, and makes it less prone to acne. It smooths the skin and lessens any irritation and inflammation. Almond oil helps to moisturize dry skin. It is good for dry and itching skin. It helps to prevent and smooth wrinkles, soften the skin and make it more supple.

Why almond oil is beneficial to skin care

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database (Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture), almond oil contains approximately 62% of monounsaturated oleic acid (an omega-9 fatty acid), 24% of linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated omega-6 essential fatty acid), and 6% of palmitic acid (a saturated fatty acid).

Both of oleic acid and linoleic acid in almond oil have emollient and moisturizing properties. Oleic acid is used as a surfactant and thickening agent in skin care. It moisturizes the skin and makes it supple and soft. Linoleic acid is also used as an emollient and thickening agent in cosmetics. But Linoleic acid also has anti-inflammatory and acne reductive properties.

Compared to olive oil (which contains about 70% of oleic acid and 10% of linoleic acid), almond oil contains less oleic acid and more linoleic acid. So almond oil is less thick, and milder in moisturizing properties, with more effective in anti-inflammatory and acne reductive actions than olive oil. While it is not recommended to use olive oil on oily skin due to it is “too thick” and might cause acne, almond oil is beneficial to both dry skin and oily skin because it is light, and has both of moisturizing and acne reductive properties. If you need a light moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and acne reductive properties for skin care, almond oil is your right choice. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on your skin and face.

How to use almond oil for skin care or hair care

1. Use almond oil alone

Use it in face or body massage. Just pour a few drops into your hand and massage your face or body to improve the flow of blood to the area and revitalize the skin.

2. Mix almond oil and oatmeal

Apply combination of oatmeal and almond oil as a paste to the face or head for 5-10 minutes and wash off with water (do not use soap). Both almond and oatmeal are good for your skin and hair. They absorb odors, treat acne, help reduce stress, increase hair volume and replenish the skin.

3. Mix almond oil and lemon juice

Use it on face or body to treat acne, eczema, dry and itching skin. Mix a few drops of almond oil with lemon juice, and apply it to the affected area.

4. Mix almond oil and shampoo

Add a few drops of almond oil to your shampoo or conditioner for hair care. This remedy will alleviate dry, itchy scalp and will help with dandruff. Almond oil also adds a luster and shine to dry, flat-looking hair.

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