Does Coke Cause Cancer? Natural Foods and Drinks

There have been arguments about an connection between coke and cancer.

Scientists in Italy found that aspartame, a sweetener in coke, does increase certain cancers in rats. Another chemical is BPA. Coke can contains BPA, an estrogen-mimicking chemical found in food and drink can linings, adhesives, and many plastics, it has been repeatedly linked to breast cancer, early puberty, infertility, and other health problems. The third chemical is caramel coloring in Coke. It is said to cause cancer too.

But many people just simply do not believe that their big favorite drink and hobby is questionable. They argue that:

“Coke wasn’t invented until 20 century. People have been developing breast cancer for over 2000 years!”Coke cancer

“Coke is 99.99% water! Is water linked to cancer?”

“Someone rarely has any soda in her life, but she has breast cancer!”

“Cancer is mainly due to genetic factors, not caused by what you eat, because a lot of people who drink a lot of coke but never have cancer.”

But still worries remain. Because the above arguments are not very strong. People would say:

“Yes, cancer as a disease has existed for 2000 years, but today more and more people suffer from cancer, due to they eat and drink more chemical-filled foods and drinks”.

“Yes, Coke is 99.99% water. But what’s important is what makes up that other 0.01%.”

“A cancer patient has never consumed soda. This can only prove that soda is not only factor that cause cancer. There may be still a possibility that soda may make people more likely to get cancer.”

“Yes, cancer is mainly due to genetic factors, but environmental factors, including what you eat and drink, are also the important factors.”

Anyway, there is still no strong evidence to support the suspicion “Coke causes cancer”. Scientists still argue about it: “rats are not humans”, and they say that their studies have found no connection between coke and cancer.

You may want to do your own experiment. If you do have or is likely to have a cancer, try to stop drinking coke for one month, and see what happens. You may feel uncomfortable for several days, this is just like quitting smoking, as it is always a challenge to stop any addiction. But I am sure that it won’t kill you no coke drinking for one month. Thirst? Drink water. Want a sweetener? Add honey or sugar, or eat a fresh fruit. If you feel much better in your health condition after “quitting” Coke, except the uncomfortable feelings caused by the addiction, then you can give up Coke.

Anyway, Coke is just a chemical-filled drink. It is not as natural as a fresh fruit, water, honey or sugar. Keep chemicals away, eat and drink natural foods and drinks.

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