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How to Make Onion Honey Syrup for Cough and Bronchitis – Home Remedies DIY Recipes

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Cough Remedies

Onion Honey Syrup is an excellent remedy for treating cough and bronchitis. It is easy to make.


How to extract onion juice? There are several ways to extract onion juice:

– Using blender. Chop the onions into pieces, blending for a few minutes in high speed. Then use a strainer to strain the juice over a glass.

– Using juicer. Cut the onions into quarters, pushing the onion quarters through the juicer and collect the juice into the glass container.

– Using sieve. Chop the onions into very fine pieces, and put the minced onions into a sieve, and push with a knife or spoon to collect the juice to a bowl.

– Using muslin. Chop the onions into very fine pieces, and put the minced onions into a muslin, wrap it and squeeze the juice out with your hands.

After collecting the onion juice, mix the juice with equal amount of honey to make a syrup, store it in a container, leave for 5-6 hours, then you can use it for the treatment.

Take 1 teaspoon (children 1/4-1/2 teaspoon), 3-5 times a day.

Another simple way to make a syrup is that: you do not have to extract the juice from the onions, just chop the onions into very fine pieces, mix them with honey, leave for 5-6 hours, then eat 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture for the treatment. It does not make any difference in treatment whether you eat raw onion pieces containing the juice or drink the juice extracted from the raw onion pieces. Maybe a juice mixed with honey is more like a typical syrup. But if you just make it for yourself or your family, it does not much matter what it looks like if the effects are the same.

For more information about natural remedies for cough, go to Natural Remedies Center: http://www.naturalremediescenter.com/treat/cough/

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