Egg Yolk Oil for Gastric Ulcer, Chronic Gastritis, Children Indigestion, Pediatric Diarrhea and Whooping Cough

Egg yolk oil is a Chinese folk remedy. It is said to help treat gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, children’s indigestion, pediatric diarrhea and whooping cough.

Egg yolk oil is an oil from chicken egg yolks. To learn how to make egg yolk oil, you can go to this page:

How to Make Egg Yolk Oilegg-yolk-oil-remedies

Egg yolk oil can be used to treat burns, skin infections and skin ulcers. It can be also used to treat internal disorders.

To treat pediatric diarrhea due to indigestion:

– Children under 1 year old: 1-1.5ml
– children older than 1 year old: 2ml
– Twice a day

To treat gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis:

– Consume 1 teaspoon with warm water 20 minutes before meal
– Twice a day for 15 days

Please note, if a child’s diarrhea is not caused by indigestion, this remedy is not effective. And this remedy may help treat some diseases, but may not be effective to everyone. Basically, egg yolk oil has minor to moderate effects to clear heat, reduce ulcers, relieve pain and moisturize organs. So it can help relieve disorders with “fire” symptoms (ulcers, inflammation, fever). If you have severe disease, you should seek medical care.

For more information about natural remedies for gastritis, go to Natural Remedies Center:

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