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Propolis Help Treat Respiratory Apparatus, Dermatology and Inflammation

Propolis is a resin gathered by honeybees from tree bark and leaves. The bees use this substance to seal their hives, protecting it from outside contaminants. Propolis has been shown to kill the bee's most ardent bacterial foe, Bacillus larvae. Bees use propolis to sterilize themselves at the entrance to the hive. Propolis is an excellent natural antibiotic. One of the most widely known and extensively tested properties of propolis is its antibacterial activity. Not only bees take advantage ...

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Propolis for Dental Care, Toothache and Oral Problems

Propolis can be used in dentistry for dental care. It has been suggested for multiple oral problems. A study with rats has shown that propolis significantly reduced dental caries. Scientific studies have confirmed that many compounds in propolis are antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral. So propolis can be used in the treatment of various types of dental and oral infections. Propolis reduces tooth pain, and has benefits against oral/dental bacteria. Studies in humans have shown that ...

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Propolis for Mouth Ulcers and Wounds - New Supplements

Propolis, or Bee Propolis, propolis resin, bee glue, is resinous substance collected by honeybees from plants, particularly from flowers and leaf buds. Propolis contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which scientists think to be the active ingredients. Scientific studies suggest propolis may be active against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Propolis can be used to treat mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers and Wounds. For cuts, bruises, wounds and mouth ulcers, apply a few drops ...

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Honey and Propolis Used for Natural remedies

Honey is a well known natural remedy. It can be used to help treat many "dry" disorders. If you suffer from a dry cough or sore throat, you can mix some honey, lemon juice, and water to treat the problem. If you have constipation, you may consume some honey to relieve the symptoms. Honey can also be used for skin care. You may mix avocado with honey to make a face mask to help treat dry skin. Propolis (bee glue) is a mixture of various amounts of beeswax and resins collected by the ...

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