Bitter Melon Relieves Heat-Stroke and Inflammation Related Diseases

Bitter Melon (bitter gourd) is a plant of the tropics. It is a popular vegetable in some Asian countries. Bitter melon has been used in Asian and African traditional medicine systems for centuries.

Bitter Melon has cooling properties. It reduces internal heat and inflammation. That is why bitter melon can be used to treat the heat/inflammation related diseases, such as heat-stroke, liver heat, fevers, red eye, toothache, boils, dysentery and constipation. In many Asian countries, people use bitter melon as a summer food to prevent and treat summer heat related illness and various inflammation.

When you have hot flashes, feel an intense internal heat inside your body, or suffer from inflammation, you can eat bitter melon to cool down your body and relieve the symptoms.

Please note: Due to the cooling effects, you should not eat bitter melon if you are pregnant, or have internal coldness with weak digestion.

By Johns in Food Remedies
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