Herbal Remedies for Rectal Prolapse in Children and Seniors

Rectal prolapse in children and seniors can be treated by using herbal remedies. At least this is a smarter choice: before taking a big risk of surgery, why not trying something that is less dangerous?

Rectal prolapse is a medical condition in which the rectum (the lower end of the colon, located just above the anus) becomes stretched out and hence become visible outside the body. Rectal prolapse occurs most often in children under age 6 and in the elderly.

While there is no effective medicine to treat this disorder in modern medical system, except performing the dangerous surgeries, traditional medecine provides much better and much safe cures.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, rectal prolapse is caused by Qi (life force) weakness, so this problem can be treated by using herbs that has “lifting” properties to increase Qi, and lift the rectum back to its normal position.

Ginseng and Astragalus (Huang Qi) are two tonics that have strong lifting properties. Ginseng and Astragalus can be used alone or together to make a decoction, or use them with chicken to make a soup.

Ginseng, Astragalus Chicken Soup

– Chicken (3-4 pounds, cut into 1-inch pieces);
– Ginseng (20g);
– Astragalus (30g);
– Dates (6-10);
– Ginger (3 slices);
– Table salt (2 teaspoons);
– Water (2 quarts cold water).

Cook them in a large pot, simmer 1-2 hours. Eat a bowl, 1-2 times per day.

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan

A well known formula for treating a wide variety of prolapses is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan 補中益氣丸. This formula contains ginseng and astragalus, and has much stronger effects to treat prolapses. Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan is sold in tablet form at some herbal stores or online herbal stores.

Please note, rectal prolapse is a chronic problem, you should not expect you can cure the disorder after consuming a bowl of ginseng chicken soup, or taking Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan for a few days. It might take several weeks to cure the problem.

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