Watermelon for Mouth Ulcer, Burning Lips and Sore Gums

Watermelon skin powder can be used to treat mouth ulcer, burning lips and sore gums.

A mouth ulcer (or oral ulcer, mucosal ulcer) is an ulcer that occurs on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Mouth ulcers are small sores or open lesions that develop in the mouth. Many infections and heat-related disorders can cause a mouth ulcer and sore gums.

According to traditional medical theory, a mouth ulcer is caused by the internal “fire” (inflammation, infection). To treat this ailment, it is usually to use cooling and detoxifying herbs to clears the “fire”.

Watermelon has cooling properties. It cools down your body, and reduce internal heat and can help reduce inflammation and infection. Watermelon skin (peel) has the same properties. According to traditional Chinese medicine, watermelon skin is cooling and diuretic, affects heart, stomach and bladder. It clears heat, calms nerves and relives thirst. It can be used to relieve heat, thirst, urine difficulty, edema and mouth ulcer.

The skin (peel) can be used to make a decoction for treating the heat-related diseases, infllammation and infection. And it can also be dried and grounded into a powder to treat mouth ulcer and sore gums.

Recipe of Watermelon Skin Powder for Mouth Ulcer and Sore Gums

Here is how to make watermelon skin powder:

– Peel off the thick skin of watermelon;
– Remove the red pulp;
– Cut the skin into 1/4″ thick slices;
– Dry the skin in the sunshine, or in the oven, until just crisp;
– Ground the dried skin into powder.

When you have a painful mouth ulcer, brace sore or denture sore, you can apply the watermelon skin powder onto the affected area. This will cure the infection.

You can mix the watermelon skin powder with honey when applying it.

Please note, if you often suffer from mouth ulcer, burning lips and sore gums, it could be that the disorders are caused by a disease. You should visit your doctor and find out the specific cause of the ailments.

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