Folk Remedy for Earache – Urine Therapy

This is an old folk remedy for treating earache – urine therapy.

Earache or ear pain may be caused by infections and inflammation. Symptoms associated an earache may include:

Ear redness and swelling;
Ear pain;
Sore throat;
Ringing in the ears.earache

Earache can be painful and it often needs urgent medical care. When a doctor is not available, some people try to use natural remedies for the treatment. It is said that, many people who tried urine therapy found that it is an effective cure for earache.

How to use urine therapy

Here is the method of how to use this therapy:

– Use a bottle or cup for urine caught
– Only take midstream of your urine
– Use a cotton ball (a tissue, a teaspoon or a chopstick) to put a few drops of warm urine into the ear

No scientist explains why this therapy works. They may be ashamed to do so. Some people who tried this therapy believe that the warmth of urine soothes the pain and the ammonia in the urine kills bacteria that causes the infection.

Anyway, no matter how to explain it. The fact is that it works. It cured or relieved some people’s earaches.

Yes, there are many alternatives that would treat the same problem, why use pee? Well, sometimes there may be no olive oil, garlic or something else that recommended at hand, or a doctor is not available, then how to relieve the severe pain? If there is nothing else to use, urine is one’s last thing that may relieve the pain.

Please note, I am not a doctor, and I have no intention to recommend this therapy to anyone. This post is only for informational purpose. If you or your child suffer from a serious ear pain, the first option is to visit a doctor.

For more information about natural remedies and alternative cures for earache, go to Natural Remedies Center:

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