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Ear    Otitis Media    Middle ear infection    

Folk Remedy for Earache - Urine Therapy

This is an old folk remedy for treating earache - urine therapy. Many people who tried this therapy found that it is an effective cure for earache. Here is the method of how to use this therapy: - Use a bottle or cup for urine caught - Only take midstream of your urine - Use a cotton ball (a tissue, a teaspoon or a chopstick) to put a few drops of warm urine into the ear No scientist explains why this therapy works. They may be ashamed to do so. Some people who tried this therapy ...

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Home Remedies for Earache and Ear Infection

Earache and ear infection can be treated by using many home and folk remedies. Here are some remedies: 1. Warm oil. Put a few drops of warm olive oil (or other regular cooking oil) into the ear. 2. Cigarette smoke. Blow cigarette smoke from one person's mouth into the ear. 3. Warm water bottle. Put a warm water bottle on the ear and leave for 20 minutes (Do not use too hot water). 4. Warm wine cotton ball. Soak a cotton ball in warm wine, and put it into the ear. 5. Warm rice. ...

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