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Black Pepper

Home Remedies for Common Cold, Stuffy Nose and Runny Nose - Hot Spices, Echinacea, Yarrow, Eucalyptus and Peppermint

A common cold is often accompanied by runny nose or stuffy nose (nasal congestion). To treat it, you can use the home remedies, such as hot spices, echinacea, yarrow, eucalyptus and peppermint. When a common cold with the symptoms of runny nose or stuffy nose, it indicates the condition of "cold" and "wet". Using hot spices, such as ginger, garlic, chili pepper, mustard, onion, or black pepper can expel coldness and dampness, thus relieve the symptoms. You can simply eat hot spicy foods by ...

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Ayurvedic Cough Remedies - Almond, Turmeric, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Black Pepper, Honey, Milk and Ghee - Indian Remedies

There are many spices and foods that are used in Ayurveda to treat cough, such as almond, turmeric, onion, ginger, garlic, black pepper, honey, milk and ghee (butter). 1. Almond, Honey and Ghee - Almonds 8-9 - Honey 1 tablespoon - Ghee (butter) 1/2 tablespoon - Make them into a paste - Consume it 3 times a day for 3 days - This remedy is said to cure dry cough 2. Turmeric, Honey or Milk Recipe 1 - Turmeric and honey: - Turmeric powder 1 tablespoon - Honey 1 tablespoon - ...

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Home Remedies: How to Treat Vomiting and Nausea - Ginger, Black Pepper and Peppermint

Vomiting and nausea can be caused by many factors, including stomach flu, eating too much food, drinking too much alcohol, food poisoning, motion sickness, pregnancy, acid reflux, viral infection, brain tumors, brain injury, or other illness. If the vomiting and nausea is caused by food poisoning (ate something that contains chemical, toxic or other poisonous ingredients), you should immediately induce vomiting to have that stuff out. In this situation, you should not try to stop vomiting. ...

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Home Remedies: Black Pepper for Epigastric Pain, Vomiting, Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea and Intestinal Rumbling

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum, white pepper) can be used to help relieving epigastric pain, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and intestinal rumbling due to coldness in stomach and Intestines. Black Pepper is a hot spice that has warming and drying properties. It can be used to expel internal coldness. How to use black pepper: 1. Add black pepper powder to your dishes or soups. 2. Add a pinch of black pepper powder and a teaspoon of brown sugar to 1/2 cup of boiling water, ...

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Home Remedies for Cough - Honey, Vinegar, Rock Sugar, Ginger, Orange Peel, Radish and Black Pepper

There are many home remedies that can be used to treat cough. 1. Honey and Vinegar. Mix a tablespoon honey and a tablespoon vinegar with a cup of water, drink it slowly. This remedy is good for dry cough. 2. Rock Sugar. Hold a piece of rock sugar in the mouth and let it dissolve slowly, or mix rock sugar with water and drink it slowly. This remedy is good for dry cough. 3. Ginger. Add some sugar to a slice of fresh ginger, and put it in your mouth. Hold it for 5-10 minutes. This remedy ...

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Indian Summer Drink - Aam Panna (Mango Juice) for Heat Stroke

Aam Panna is an Indian drink for preventing and treating heat stroke in summer. Aam Panna is made from green mangoes. It is very popular in India and usually prepared in every Indian house during summer to fight against the intense summer heat. Ingredients - Raw (green and unripe) mangoes 1000g - Sugar 500g - Salt 2 tsp. (Black/rock salt is better) - Roasted cumin powder 2 tsp. - Chili pepper powder 1 tsp. - Black pepper powder 1 tsp. - Water 1 litre Directions - Wash and cut ...

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Indian Long Pepper for Cold, Wet Cough, Asthma & Bronchitis

Long Pepper (Pippali, Piper longum, Indian long pepper) is an Ayurvedic herb that can be used to treat common cold, wet cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, migraine (caused by sinusitis) and wet and mucusy conditions of the respiratory system. Long pepper contains higher alkaloid piperine (about 6%) than in black pepper. It also contains 1% essential oil, which exhibits antibacterial activities. The fruit is effective in prevention of recurrent attacks of bronchial asthma and ...

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Four Kitchen Remedies for Toothache

Find toothache remedies in your kitchen. Vinegar, MSG, tea and black pepper can be used for tooth pain relief. 1. Mix equal amount of vinegar and water. Use it for gargling for 3 minutes, twice a day for 5 days. It will relieve the tooth pain caused by periodontitis. 2. Mix MSG (Monosodium glutamate, a common food additive) 1g with warm water 50g. Use it for gargling for 3 minutes, twice a day for 2-3 days. 3. Add tea leaves 3g (or 1 tea bag) into a cup, pour in boiling water, leave ...

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Sichuan pepper (Szechuan pepper) Treats Toothache and Cavities

Sichuan pepper (Szechuan pepper) can be used for treating toothache, cavities and bleeding gums. Sichuan pepper (huajiao, szechuan pepper) is a spice widely used in Asia, especially in the cuisine of Sichuan. Sichuan pepper has a unique aroma and flavour that is not hot or pungent like black pepper or chili pepper. Instead, it produces a strange tingling, buzzing, numbing sensation that is something like the effect of carbonated drinks or of a mild electrical current. How to use Sichuan ...

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Ten Winter Remedies - Chicken, Mutton and More

In a cold and icy season, we always feel the need to eat or drink something warm. The warming remedies can stimulate your body, promote your blood circulation and generate heat to expel coldness out of your body. The following are ten warming winter remedies that are good for your health in winter: Chicken Mutton Red wine Ginger Cinnamon Garlic Chili pepper Black pepper Turmeric Ginse

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